Gravel Bike Frame Protection Now Available From RideWrap

In the last couple years we have noticed a change in some of our mtb friends. They started talking about a new sport called “Gravel grinding” or “Groad riding.” Some of them may have joined up with other groad riders and mobilized as a group. Some were already riding gravel bikes, or had been for years, but hadn’t told many people about it.

Shoulder Season Slump

In the fall short days make for long nights, and low temperatures. Not an ideal combination of conditions for mountain bikers. The end of …

E-Bikes – The Trailbuilders Tool

We were involved in a special project for Whistler’s Offroad Cycling Organization. They wanted a custom design Tailored Kit for two E-Bikes that were to be used by their trail crew. It got us asking a lot of questions, and since we have in-house trail builders, we decided to dig a little deeper into why trail builders have embraced the e-bike despite their opposition.