Fox Fork Protection

Protect your Fox suspension fork with a RideWrap protection kit. Check out our range of protection kits for Fox suspension forks. Our DIY friendly kits come in clear gloss finish or matte finish. Protect your fork and your investment. Wrap before you ride.

Fox Racing started as a small motocross suspension distribution business in 1974. After a few years as a distribution business, Bob Fox started developing his own suspension for motocross bikes. In 1991 Fox made its first bicycle shock prototype. Fox first entered the mountain bike market as an OEM producer. Later on in 2001 they released aftermarket suspension forks to the world. Fox revolutionized the bicycle suspension industry by increasing stanchion sizes, first when they introduced 32mm stanchions and again when they introduced the Fox 40. 

Protect your Fox   

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Protecting your bikes fork starts here. RideWrap makes bike fork protection kits for all styles, brands, and sizes of bicycle. Fill out the fields below to find the kit that matches your fork.

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Your Protection Kit is here to protect your Fox paint and your investment.

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  • RideWrap Protection Kits are self-healing. This means that minor marks and scuffs will disappear with the warmth of a sunny day.
  • RideWrap doesn’t like dirt. A low surface energy means that less dirt sticks to your bike and adds 10 Hp.
  • RideWrap Protection Kits come with a 10 year warranty against discolouration and cracking.

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  • Durability without a cost. Your protection kit weighs only ~50g (frame kit).
  • RideWrap is available in either matte or gloss finish to match your factory paint and is nearly invisible once installed. Looking for a unique style? Be bold and switch up your finish for a factory custom look.
  • Never requiring removal and always keeping your bike looking great, a Protection Kit is a unique selling point when offloading your ride.

Degrees of Protection – Fox Fork Protection Kits

Self-healing vinyl ensuring that scrapes, wear, and chips simply don’t make it to the factory paint.


specific to your model and size.
The Tailored Protection Kit covers all aspects of your bike frame.


specific to your model and wheel size.
The Fork Kit covers your lowers and crowns.


protecting high risk areas of the bike.
The Covered Kit offers a generic fit per frame style to cover high wear areas.


key areas are given treatment.
The Essential Kit is perfect for cable rub and protecting against wear and tear.