To further our continue support of independent bicycle dealers, to encourage our dealers to effectively promote and invest in sales and service of our products, and to preserve the image and value offered by our product, RideWrap and its distributors have unilaterally adopted the follow policies for all resellers of RideWrap products globally.

General Sales Policies

Use of Trademarks and Logos

Any dealer who complies with these policies may use our trademarks, trade names, and logos in print advertising or on the Internet to advertise RideWrap products that are available for sale or delivery at the dealer’s physical retail location. Unauthorized or inappropriate use of our logos, trademarks, trade names or other intellectual property (such as use of our images on auction sites) may result in restriction of your ability to purchase RideWrap products, or closure of your RideWrap account. All trademarks, trade names, logos and other intellectual property remain the exclusive property of RideWrap.

Independence of Determination of Prices and Margins by Dealers

All dealers are free to independently determine their own retail prices and margins. RideWrap does not seek and will not accept any agreement with any dealer regarding either their retail pricing or their adherence to our pricing policy.

RideWrap’s Control of Product

RideWrap has the legal right to unilaterally cease sales of RideWrap products at any time and for any reason, without prior notice to the dealer. RideWrap has unilaterally determined that it will cease to sell RideWrap products to dealers who choose to advertise or sell these products at prices below RideWrap’s suggested minimum MAP, or in violation of our other policies.

Dealer MAP & Margin List

We will periodically update and publish our MAP for RideWrap products. Our most current pricing policy information is available by email request or through our distribution partners.

Exclusive Sales Territories

RideWrap reserves the right to establish exclusive dealer territories in some geographical areas, and to not sell RideWrap products, to other dealers in those territories. Exclusive Territory Dealers may be required to sign a written contract.

Promotion Through Team Support & Bike Shop Employee Purchase

RIDEWRAP may provide RideWrap products directly to professional or amateur racing teams or individual racers for promotional purposes. RIDEWRAP also reserves the right to create a bicycle shop employee purchase program to promote sales of these products, and to establish other promotional programs at our discretion.

Internet Sales Policies

Prohibited sales strategies

RideWrap may not be listed, sold on or shipped through a third-party web site like Amazon, eBay, Sears, Jet.com, Newegg, Rakuten, Walmart, etc., or any other site that functions as a third-party market aggregator.

RideWrap products may not be advertised or sold on an “auction” site.

RideWrap products may not be advertised or sold using “make an offer ” or “price matching” sales strategies.

RideWrap reserves the right to restrict sales to any dealer who violates either the letter or spirit of this policy.

These products may not be included in any coupon, discount, or offer that in effect reduces the price below our minimum advertised price (MAP).

These strategies include, but are not limited to, offering a percentage discount on a purchase over a certain dollar level, or combining products with other items where the resulting “package” price is only below our MAP. Dealers who use these promotional strategies must exclude RideWrap products from the promotion and clearly indicate that exclusion in their advertising.

RideWrap reserves the right to limit the number of accounts authorized to sell RideWrap products through their own retail website. These products may not be sold via third-party merchant sites, auction sites or by use of “make an offer” sales strategies. Sales via authorized online retailers may be shipped directly to the purchaser.



For more information about RideWrap products, or these policies, please contact us.